Hello! Welcome! In this section I’m going to explain how the process works in case you decide to purchase our premade book cover designs for sale, first pick which category you want under our menu, find the cover that you like, add it to your cart, before completing the purchase we will require you to add your email so we can contact you, you are going to receive an email from us withing 24 hours asking about what text you want to see on the cover such as title, subtitle and author name, you also have an option of sending this information inside the “order notes” before finalizing the payment process, this way we can deliver your project even faster!

Premade covers won’t be sold ever again, we are going to add the “SOLD” tag as soon as we complete your project, we have hundreds of premade eBook/Book covers for sale in our store that you can pick from, if you are looking for the best premade book covers you are at the right place!

To be clear, the only thing that it is changed on premade covers is the text, title, subtitle and author name to match your info, the design is not changed in this option.


Now let me explain how our custom book cover design process works, first we have the semi-custom option, this option is perfect if you were able to find a premade cover design that is close to what you are looking for but needs a couple of edits to the design, such as background image, main character on the cover, color scheme changes, eye color and or skin changes or perhaps adding something to the design such as animal or plane etc.

The other option is the custom book cover design, the entire project will be done just for you, just send us a briefing of what you have in mind and we will reply to your email explaining the process and what we will need from you so we can bring your idea to life, most of authors pick this option because it will fit the history and mood of the book since it will be done from sketch, to find out everything about semi-custom and custom design please click here.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us anytime, our support team will be extremely happy to receive an email from you to find out more about your project so we can redirect your project towards our best eBook/book cover designer and book cover artists.

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